iCharger P350 - 15V 350W power supply

Review last updated: June 5th, 2010

Thanks to David Gray over at ProgressiveRC for sending me an iCharger P350 to use, review and show off.

Seems as though we are surrounded by powerful chargers these days but there seems to be only a few choices for power supplies. Sure you could simply charge off a deep cycle battery or 2 but I don't believe that is the best solution for most people. Then there are the pricey power supplies but these are often much more than the cost of the charger. What we need are some reasonably priced high output power supplies to complement our chargers.

Well leave it to Junsi to offer up a power supply that is just the right size and cost to match to its iCharger charger line-up, the P350. The P350 is a 15V 23A (350W) power supply that matches up great with most chargers up to 320W of output. Of course this power supply will work fine for larger chargers but will limit their output to about 320W. Honestly this is one of the best choices out there to power the popular iCharger, FMA, Bantam and Hyperion chargers.

First impressions
The first thought that came to me when I saw the P350 was that it was smaller than I thought it would be. For some reason looking at the photos online made it seem a little bigger, but no it is really not that much bigger than the tiny iCharger 206B I planned to use it with.

The ultimate charging setup!

The P350 feels nice and solid. The use of a standard computer type detachable cord is a nice feature. The outputs are standard 5-way binding posts to accept most anything from bare wire to banana connectors. There is a toggle switch on the input side and a single red LED on the output side that indicates the power supply is turned on. The fan is temperature controlled.

Using the P350
When you plug the P350 into the wall and then turn it on, it doesn't make a sound. The only indication that it is on is the fairly bright little red LED on the output side of the charger. The fan stays off until it is needed. You can connect your charger before or after you power on the P350 but it is just good practice to connect it before you turn it on.

The P350 only gets slightly warm even under fairly high loads. I will admit I have not taxed it too heavily yet but it has worked extremely well for my normal charging needs. When I get the chance to make it work harder, I will update the review with my findings.

In conclusion
The P350 is exactly what the market needed for the average hobbyist. It is a fairly priced, yet powerful unit that is small and works well. It is good to see a charger maker offer up a quality power supply to back up its chargers.

Specs - Features - Photos


Input Voltage Range100-240VAC
Output Voltage Range14.9-15.5VDC
Input Frequency50/60Hz
Output Current0-23A
Operating Temperature-10-40℃
Storage Temperature-40-80℃
Safety StandardsEN60950-1
EMC standards
EN61000-3-2 EN61000-3-3
Over Load Protection105%-120% Hiccup Mode
Cooling MethodForced Air Cooling By Built-In DC Fan
Dimensions (L * W * H)185 * 88 * 47mm

  • Small Size and Easy Portable
  • Attractive aluminum alloy case
  • Built in fan controlled by temperature
  • Over current /over temperature/short circuit protection
  • AC 100-240V worldwide use
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Built-In EMI Filter
The iCharger P350 comes in a plain box and includes an AC power cord.

Here is a link to the user's manual for more info.

Stock photo