Acepow Gens Ace Lipos

I was given the chance to test a pair of Gens Ace lipos. Below are my findings.
Gens Ace 2200mAh 3s 20C

Acepow Gens Ace packs are relatively unknown to the market from what I can tell. I first saw them on the forum and I have never seen them for sale anywhere I shop. Acepow put up a post on RCGroups for reviewers and I decided to try one.

First impressions
The Gens Ace 2200 3s 20C lipo looks like pretty much any other lipo. It shares the very familiar dimensions of most other 2200 packs.

- Dimensions (L * W * H): 108 * 34 * 24mm
- Weight: 185g
- Balance lead length: 42mm
- Main lead length: 100mm

My only complaint with the build aspects of the pack is that the balance lead is a little too short for my liking. It makes it difficult to plug/unplug the pack. I would like about 10-15mm more length.

Comparing the Gens Ace pack to my Hyperion G3 CX 2100mAh 3s 25C pack shows the Gens Ace pack to be slightly thicker (about 2mm) and slightly heavier (about 20g). The label is on the opposite side of the pack, so without thinking I placed the Velcro on the back. Then later I found that the leads would be backwards to my other packs. Not a big issue but some will find it irritating.

First charge
The pack was at 3.86V across the 3 cells when I got it. I charged the pack and my iCharger stated the internal resistance (Ri) to be 3,3,1 mohms. 

Using the pack
I received this pack on May 21, 2010. Unfortunately the weather has been less than cooperative over the past month, so I only have 7 flights on the it so far. I ran the pack for 4min for the first 4 flights to break it in.

I am going to start the comparison to my Hyperion at flight 7. This was flight 56 for the Hyperion pack and it has been performing well. I logged both flights with my CC Ice esc and tried to fly similar maneuvers for both. Here is the data from the flight.

Gens Ace
Hyperion G3 2100
Avg voltage
Min voltage
Max amps

Performance in flight feels almost the same as the Hyperion and that is backed up by the numbers logged. The temp on the Gens Ace pack was slightly less than the Hyperion after the flight.

In conclusion
Early results for the Gens Ace pack look very good. They are slightly better than my well used Hyperion packs, but time will tell if they hold up over time. In short I am very impressed with Gens Ace pack so far.