RC Wiring Diagrams and such

In my daily travels through the heli forums I find lots of questions about rc wiring. Some folks are confused about charging lipos while others are interested in expanding the capabilities of their charger by parallel charging multiple packs. I do my best to help and along the way I make little diagrams to help illustrate the concepts. Here is where I store these diagrams.
How a 3s lipo is wired internally

Converting Hyperion balance
connectors to JST-XH

Parallel charging charger setup

Another parallel charging setup

Serial charging charger setup

Another serial charging setup

How to charge a single cell of a pack

Parallel and Series balance adapters
for 3s packs

Parallel wiring adapter

Serial wiring adapter

3s adapter for charging only through the balance lead

Connecting 2s-5s JST-XH connectors to a 6s JST-XH port

Anti-spark Y-harness

6s TP pack to JST-XH charger

Simplified lipo charge graph